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The sleeping man grass was mistaken for missing trigger rescue d

Fishing man on the shore grass sleeping companion did not find him,Christian Louboutin USA, that was drowning, alarm, results showed a farce.May 8th afternoon at two forty-five PM,louboutin pas cher, Tongcheng city fire brigade received a report said,Louboutin Shoes, the new town new development zone reservoir fishing man missing.
Tongcheng city fire department after receiving the alarm rushed to the scene of the accident.To the scene, reservoir bank has been surrounded by masses, eyes anxiously watching the water."Definitely drowning sink to the bottom, certainly not saved.
"The surrounding people is commenting in succession.Alarm fishermen say, when he and partner at the same time in the reservoir fishing, noon meal eaten to return to the reservoir, companion to the midway transfer motorcycle, but to have disappeared, multi-looking for no fruit.
Because lunch when two people drink wine, alarm people worry that the companion is it right? Is drowning, he called the police for help.Fire officers and soldiers immediately with the police station to discuss rescue plans, divided into two groups also conducted search and rescue,louboutin, a group composed of alarm and two aqueous better fire water search and rescue; another group in the familiar environment near the villagers lead along the waterfront search.
When the first group of personnel in the water search and rescue for nearly an hour without fruit, another group of rescue workers to transmit a good news, the man on the shore of the grass to sleep.Men wake up after that so many people everywhere for him and rescue,Louboutin Pas Cher, both affected and awkward.
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The village is 380 volt electric hit five minutes only feel numb

Morning News -- the dry weather, the pumping irrigation, didn't want to experience shock.In May 31st 14:00, Hefei City Feidong Longgang County town of great village Mr. fee to encounter such a breathtaking scene.
A be hardly worthy of belief is,Christian Louboutin Outlet, by 380 volt electric hit five or six minutes,Louboutin Outlet, but nothing, just a feeling of numbness of limbs.About 15:00, Mr. fee lying in hospital emergency department within the ward, not how to speak.
In the emergency department. Mr. fee many natives of peripheral.All in all sorts of gossip about,Christian Louboutin Outlet, was really too dangerous."He was working in the fields, suddenly slipped in the pump and sluice."A villager said, local drought,christian louboutin, the villagers are pumping ready for planting.
Mr. fee was underwater work this time, suddenly, a strong current hit Mr. fee."We pump water is used in high voltage, there is 380 volts.""I was shocked in about five or six minutes."Mr. fee recalled, he was instantly numbing, hold water pump carrying ring is twitching.
Instinctual drives he yelled "turn off the power, turn off the power".The villagers heard came to help, Mr. fee family panic was pulled off the line.Mr. fee was saved, was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
"Mr. fee very lucky."According to the emergency department physician on duty,christian louboutin shoes, rescue after inspection, Mr. fee vital signs all normal, at present only a little numb limbs, specific conditions also needs further examination.
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The man is 1.55 meters in height body weight of 415 kg fat thick

Liang Yong is too fat ,beam is used most of the time can only lie in bed . China and thin in the Guangzhou hospital encountered a series of problem known as China in Chongqing Dazu County men girder began yesterday at the Guangzhou Jinan University and China hospital .
Try various remedies ,traveled the country seeking weight loss he claimed to the trip to Guangzhou was his last hope .Weight now reach 415 kg as he lay in bed like a hill ,this and China hospital please international and domestic minimally invasive bariatric consultation for him .
Beam with the greatest desire is to reduce 300 catties following.Article / reporter Zhou Zuo photography reports Zhang Weifan correspondent weight 415 kg ,1.75 meters circumference,1.9 meters,1.
7 meters ingirth hip .This is 32 years old with the new measurement of beam body data .Standing in front of him like a hill ,light waist circumference than the average adult male is higher .
He tells a reporter ,his body organs for many years to bear more than 400 kg weight,chronic work overload after a serious problem, in March of last year, he was admitted to Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital ,because of obesity and the occurrence of severe respiratory failure ,Louboutin Pas Cher,severe abdominal edema ,once the critically ill .
Chinese hospitals and the relevant responsible person said ,the hospital in order to beam in diagnosis and treatment, especially for his new order out of bed ,chair ,toilet and blood pressure meter .
General bed can withstand 200 kilogramsof weight, his weight is too heavy .I there is danger, so only specially .The responsible person said ,with the toilet is also a special beam .He can not directly on the toilet ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,closestool cannot bear the weight .
The reporter sees ,hospital specially a stainless steel sleeve ,which is hollowed out, so that the cover on the toilet .Because the beam in the arm is too thick ,the general pressure gauge is not measured ,even blood pressure must be special .
In Chongqing the beam fatso famous in Chongqing Dazu County Ding mountain scenic spot, girder is a celebrity .Find a local directions ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,just say beam fat ,we will tell you where to go .
Business in general .Liang Yong in the area have also opened a stall, business is sometimes better than others ,because some tourists hear that his fame ,he will come to have a look .Because of weight loss ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,beam Yong-hua many money ,life passes closely cling to cling to .
Some hospitals will collect my money ,some don .Two thousand or three thousand dollars a month income can be used to used to support her family ,but is not used .And Hua Hospital said ,this help beam treatment will be free .
On the very young, obese ,even go everywhere for treatment performance of the beam with the crowd of spectators don .Liang Yong once and highest ,the dwarf ,the thin people go together .
is 10000 ,he also speak a weight loss product of famous brand . Are some diet pills enterprises want me to advertise .Each part of the body are beyond medical equipment size Liang Yong told reporters ,he was desperate ,in a time when the Internet, found a home now do slimming minimally invasive operation most experts in Guangzhou .
Hold last thoughts ,he came to Guangzhou .Medical staff says ,because the beam in the abdominal wall fat is too thick ,the ultrasonic was unable to penetrate the abdominal wall to observe its in vivo organ abnormalities ;if CT ,the apparatus through the object a maximum diameter of 70 cm, while the beam is used after lying down, coupled with the arm has more than 1 meters wide ,completely unable to access CT window observation .
Because the beams with every part of the body is almost more than medical equipment size limit ,cannot use at all .Even the most simple to measure blood pressure ,as well as his arm is too thick ,not winding arm ,had to find the band .
And Hua Hospital in order to beam to a lot of methods, but also made some equipment, now CT can be observed ,but magnetic resonance or not ,B ultrasound is very ambiguous .At the age of 14 to start a weight losssuffered various remedies was born up to 10 catties beams ,was much heavier than the ordinary children .
At the age of 1 body weight30 kilograms,at the age of 8 more than 140 catties,beam with said ,since last year the critically ill hospitalized ,after treatment after discharge, he almost lost hope to lose weight .
From the age of 14, he began to look around for reducing weight ,weighing more than 280 kg,then once reached 450 kilograms.The height of 1.55 meters, he got the Shanghai big world Guinness headquarters attestation 2007Chinafirst heavy .
In 2004, 25 yearsafter the beam using a weight loss of 200 kg ,christian louboutin,with a little 3 year old girlto marry him .However, his wife pregnant beam with weight began to rebound .In his own words ,is too happy ,eat all you want ,I can sleep .
His wife and a son and a daughter in two secondary . A child is 4 years old ,a 6 year old, very healthy .Liang Yong talked about the family ,kind face a smile . My home to me so fat .
Our family history nor genetic obesity .About losing weight, beam with said ,he tried all kinds of slimming formula, acupuncture ,massage ,Chinese medicine ,western medicine ,and also tried some folk remedies ,even the eggs are eaten, it had no use .
Liang Yong face the painful ,also appears to have a lingering fear .Because they are too fat ,not their own beam bent feet, take a shower to his wife to help, take a few more steps on the road out of .
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The world's largest pear shaped diamond will auction the final p

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News,christian louboutin uk, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported that 26 sites,louboutin, Sotheby's international auction companies (Sotheby 's) 15 next month will be auctioned in Geneva the world's largest pear-shaped diamond,Louboutin Shoes, a 110.
3 Carat Yellow estimated pear shaped diamond (right), the final auction price may be as high as 11000000 to 15000000 dollars (RMB 69920000 yuan to 95330000 yuan).According to reports, Sotheby's in the Swiss union president Bennett said,christian louboutin shoes, a rare giant diamond beauty "really amazing".
He points out, this is the history of one of the largest diamonds by auction, he believed that the sale price of $15000000.According to the introduction,Louboutin Pas Cher, this one called "Kola sunset" (Cora Sun Drop) giant diamond last year in South Africa are mined, and was hailed as "the largest known Sotheby's global color and full of beautiful yellow pear shape diamond".
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Careless dad next train will son forget the car

The January 31st hearing from January 22nd to 31, 10 days short, Changsha Railway Public Security Department in succession to neglectful parents find the 9 lost children.These children, the youngest just turned 2 years old,louboutin pas cher, the biggest of less than 9 years,Christian Louboutin Outlet, their parents are at the age of 30.
his son lost his car off on January 30th at 10 am, Zhaoqing to the Jishou train K9069 from Xinhua Railway Station Platform Boot, a full of bags men began along the platform road run.
Watching the train faster, men to yell: "my baby in the car!"Xinhua police station police stopped the train's father Luo Bin.The 36 year-old father family name Liu, Longhui County, with her 9 year old son home from Zhaoqing have the spring festival.
As with a lot of baggage, get off only to carry the luggage, forget that children get off, "so big,christian louboutin uk, thought he would follow me down."One and a half hour later, when the train arrived at Xupu Railway Station, the child.
His son lost his father that burning with impatience to ride to the Xupu Railway Station,Christian Louboutin USA, the back of the child.3 year old girl playing train station by bus to the afternoon of January 22nd, Changsha train station bus station Ping layer, a three or four year old girl in adults with back around.
The children follow adults are all said did not know little girl.In the parking lot to a circle, the police finally from the 159 bus driver mouth was half an hour ago, the girl from the train under.After 5 hours, linked to the child's father Mr.
shaw.Originally, in the morning, the couple go out to pay New Year's call, will 3 years many graceful on the neighbor's house to play.Out of a restless child himself ran out, climbed a road to take to the train south station bus.
2 to 10 years old children easily lost the Changsha South Railway Station Changsha Railway Police Department police station instructor Deng Gang introduced,louboutin, the kids lost or abduction, nive out of ten because the parents be negligent or cheating.
Children under 2 years old, parents will generally hold or hold.Children above 10 years old, lost has the ability to turn, or know how to contact with their parents.Two to seven or eight years old children, it is active against the tube and age, and not easily lost.
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